Happy Egg Day! đŸ„š

Hazelnuts, who is ready to celebrate Egg Day? We present to you the finest of Egg Day fripperies! With this launch, your Hazel Village friends will be well-dressed for any Egg Day festivity.

The question is, which of your Villagers will be worthy of the EGGS sash? Preview the entire collection below!

These products will be launching Thursday, March 18th at 1 PM Eastern! We ask a limit of 2 of each product per customer! Thank you đŸ„š

Egg Day Tassel Egg Hat ($20)

Egg Day Honorary Egg Sash for Egg Bunny ($14)


 Egg Day Egg Nest Hat ($24)

 Egg Day Embroidered Feather Jacket ($20)

 Egg Day Fancy Egg Hat ($20)

 Egg Day Collared Egg Shirt ($10)

 Egg Day Egg Bubble Romper ($14)

 Egg Day Egg Bloomers ($10)

 Egg Day Shiny Egg Vest ($14)