Garden Bounty Festival

Pumpkins! Peppers! Beans! Corn! The woodland friends decided that this autumn, they wanted to dress up in honor of their favorite garden vegetables. Whichever ensemble you choose, your animals will be certain to impress any keen-eyed appreciator of vegetable splendor! 
The Garden Bounty Festival collection will be live on our website at 1pm ET on Tuesday October 18th. There is a limit of 1 per household for each item in this collection. Scrumptious! 
Green Bean Costume - $32
Limit of 1

What a nice way for the animals to celebrate the bountiful beans in their garden! Long and skinny green bean suit is made from lovely linen, and trimmed with a twining vine in soft satiny fabric. Pointy hat is also lined with the same satin. Very beany, very nice!

Giant Pumpkin Costume - $42

Limit of 1

How exciting it is to see the pumpkins growing huge in your garden! The animals have brought some of that energy to this, their hugest costume yet. Dark orange linen pumpkin suit is lined with paler orange linen, the better to look like a real pumpkin, and stuffed until it reaches an impressive bulk. Cute pillbox style hat has a sturdy pumpkin stem and ties under the chin.

Red Pepper Costume - $42

Limit of 1

This stunning costume reminds the animals of the crunchy red peppers that have grown ripe in their garden all season long. Striking silhouette rendered in bright red linen, with holes for your animal's arms, legs, and head to stick out. Tiny top bit of red pepper, with stem, sits on your animal's head and ties onto their chin with a cute bow. Delicious!


Corn Sweater Vest - $18

Limit of 1

A cozy alpaca sweater vest, in a delicious-looking shade of corn yellow, has a corn-looking lumpy texture knitted into it. This way, the woodland animals can celebrate harvest bounty, and also have a warm layer for chillier fall days. Button back closure. Expertly hand knitted by our artisan partners in Peru.

Corn Husk Tutu - $12

Limit of 1

Two layers of shimmering tulle, cut into insouciant points that remind the animals of corn husks, and gathered onto a comfortable elastic waistband. A perfect pairing with our Corn Sweater Vest, for animals who want to celebrate this most perfect food of their homeland.