Cozy Party Collection

The Cozy Party Collection launches this Thursday, November 2nd at 1PM ET. There are no purchase limits for this collection! ♥️🎁
The animals are getting out their coziest sweaters, their finest frocks, and all their best festive attire to prepare for holiday celebrations. And of course, they are busily making fine presents for their friends! This collection includes seventeen new items of doll clothing and accessories, plus a charming new matching crown for kids. Huzzah! Read on for all the details 
Mini Elephant – $18
Tiny elephant dolly made from gray organic cotton fleece. His name is Tulip, if you want to know. Hand-embroidered with tiny white tusks and a beautiful red-and-green flower design on each side. This little elephant was originally a present for Lucas Rabbit from Jeremy Owl. Very thoughtful, Jeremy! You can find Tulip illustrated on several pages of our storybook, The Gifts of the Year.
Pumpkin Pie Dress for Dolls – $16
The animals tell us this dress reminds them of a slice of pumpkin pie. We can see why – it is made from rich pumpkin-y orange linen, and the sumptuous ivory cotton neck ruffle is reminiscent of whipped cream freshly piped by the finest piesmith. (If you are wondering who among the woodland friends might call themselves a piesmith, the answer is Gracie Cat.) With puff sleeves and a full pleated skirt, this outstanding dress will undoubtedly wow anyone who appreciates fine woodland fashion. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Silver Frost Flower Crown for Dolls – $10
This garland evokes crunchy frost sparkling on quiet winter mornings. Sage green silk band with delicate flowers in soft white ribbon and diaphanous organza. Looping silver trim amongst the flowers shimmers with icy elegance. When the animals celebrate The Icicle’s First Twinkle, we don’t doubt that many of them will be wearing this crown.
Oatmeal T-Shirt for Dolls – $10
A simple long sleeved shirt for your woodland friends, sustainably made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% new organic cotton. Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal. Velcro back closure.
Sage Green Skirt Overalls for Dolls – $12
Sage green cotton skirt overalls are gathered at the waist with a wide leg shape, an overlap in back where your animal's tail can stick out, and a Velcro back closure. Extremely cute, just the thing for skipping through the forest with one’s woodland friends.
Wrapping Paper Dress for Dolls – $16
If an animal wanted to feel just like a beautifully wrapped present, this would undoubtedly be the dress for them. It has a full gathered skirt, cozy long sleeves, and an ivory Peter Pan collar. Made from cotton fabric screen-printed by our artisan partners in Colombia. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Wrapping Paper Romper for Dolls – $14
This romper reminds us of fancy paper that the animals might use to wrap gifts for one another as nicely as pie. It has a cute boxy shape, short sleeves, and an ivory accent collar. Front velcro closure with an overlap in back where your animal's tail can stick out. Made from cotton fabric screen-printed by our artisan partners in Colombia. Will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal.

Butternut Squash Suspender Pants for Dolls – $12
A handsome pair of high-waisted trousers, suitable for any Hazel Village occasion. Rich ochre linen reminds us of a delicious butternut squash. You may ask yourself, who wants to look like a squash? The animals, that’s who. Cross-back suspender straps, Velcro back closure, overlap in the back for your animal’s tail to stick out. Made to fit any doll or animal.
Spotted Toadstool Sweater for Dolls – $24
The animals of Hazel Village hold a deep appreciation for mushrooms, so we thought it was only right to make them a sweater in honor of the spotted toadstool. Thus, this magnificent item came to be. Expertly hand knitted by our artisan friends in Peru from super soft baby alpaca yarn, in bright red with white bobbles and a wide white yoke. Made to have an extra-round shape (all the better for emulating a mushroom), with ribbed stitching at the cuffs, hem, and yoke. There is even a little tummy pocket for carrying special trinkets or perhaps a tiny elephant dolly. Any doll or animal could wear this sweater and feel amazing. Single button back closure.
Hazelnut Pocket Pants for Dolls – $12
Dark brown corduroy pants have big side pockets, fully functional of course, for the treasures your dolls or animals find on the go: little notes their friends wrote them; stickers for later; good feathers and rocks. Velcro back closure with an overlap for your animal’s tail to stick out. Trés chic wide-leg silhouette. These pants perfectly match the Hazelnut Tailcoat, for a truly dapper head-to-toe corduroy look.
Snowy Foraging Bonnet for Dolls – $18
Annicke Mouse wears this knitted bonnet in our storybook, The Gifts of the Year. Made from super soft baby alpaca yarn in ivory, with a charming peaked shape accented by a dark red pom. Braided ties with tassel ends make a cute bow at the neck, and a design of dark red poppies over green and pink henbit curves around the brim. (Henbit is a wild plant that Annicke likes to forage in the wintertime; it has a slightly sweet and peppery flavor, so it’s perfect for tasty salads.) This bonnet keeps Annicke’s ears nice and toasty while she scurries about in snowy weather. It was expertly hand knit by our artisan friends in Peru and will fit any doll or animal, though we think it looks especially fetching on mice. 
Frosty Pine Pom Hat for Dolls – $18
A supremely cozy knitted hat for any woodland friend. It has a cute folded brim, thoughtful ear holes for your animals’ comfort, and an extra-big pom. Made from the softest baby alpaca yarn in pale green with subtle gold tones. The color reminds us of winter sunlight peeking through frosty pine needles – just lovely. Hand knit by our talented artisan partners in the mountains of Peru.
Mulberry Dress for Dolls – $14
A simple cotton dress with long sleeves and a full gathered skirt, in deep purpley-red like a plump mulberry. Velcro back closure, fits any Hazel Village doll or animal.
Bird Sweater for Dolls – $22
The woodland friends wanted a sweater to celebrate how much they love birds. Perfectly reasonable! Dark brown baby alpaca pullover features a tiny junco bird holding a branch of rowan berries in its beak. Cute contrast pattern at the cuffs. Single button back closure. Expertly hand knit by our artisan partners in the mountains of Peru, and made to fit every Hazel Village doll or animal.
Winter Woods Capelet for Dolls – $18
Imagine prancing through the forest on a winter morning, pale sunlight sparkling on the snowy trees. Wouldn’t you want to be wearing a cape like this? We certainly would, so naturally we made one for the animals. Sage green corduroy capelet is lined in pale blue satin and has a tall elven hood with an ivory pom at its point. Arm holes allow for free range of motion so your animal can go about their business while keeping their torso nice and warm. Will fit any doll or animal whose style goal is cozy winter elegance.
Birch Bark Socks for Dolls – $14
Cozy baby alpaca socks hand knit by our artisan friends in Peru. Warm gray, with cute bobbles on the sides and ivory cuffs, heels, and toes. Socks will fit any Hazel Village doll or animal, although they are super roomy on owls.
Goldenrod Crown for Dolls – $10
Charming dolly crown made from ochre linen, with two rows of hand-embroidered decorative stitching. In our storybook, The Gifts of the Year, Lucy Owl wears this crown to the animals’ winter feast. It would certainly make any animal feel positively regal, and equipped to celebrate the most festive of occasions. This dolly crown has a Velcro back closure and is made to fit all our dolls and animals (even toads, if they want to look a little silly.) A matching kids crown is available too – for a truly excellent gift, we recommend one of each.
Goldenrod Crown for Kids – $20
Handmade charm shines in every detail of this beautiful heirloom keepsake crown. It is the quintessential piece of headwear to celebrate festive occasions and to don for imaginative play. Made from resplendent ochre linen, with hand-stitched buttonholes and three rows of hand-embroidered decorative stitching. Three sets of real shell buttons, stitched on with scarlet accent thread, allow for adjustable sizing. This crown will comfortably fit heads measuring 18”-21” around. A matching dolly crown is available so your little one’s woodland friends can celebrate right alongside them. How splendid!
Shop the Cozy Party Collection this Thursday, November 2nd at 1PM ET! 🎁♥️