🌻 Celebrate Horticulture! 🌿

Horticulture - the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.
The Horticulture Festival is upon us! What is the Horticulture Festival, you may ask? It's a festival for our woodland friends to celebrate the stupendous flowers that grow in their garden!
To celebrate, we're launching 5 new pieces of doll clothing with these wonderful floral designs from Rifle Paper Co. Florals at their finest!
Limit of 2 of each product per customer, please!
Take a look at the products and their price breakdowns:

Forget-Me-Not Shirt for Dolls - $12

Summertime Bouquet Skirt for Dolls - $12

Rosy Pinafore Dress for Dolls - $14

Blue Ribbon Specimen Dress for Dolls - $16

Cabbage Rose Overalls for Dolls - $16


Want to purchase the collection in its entirety? Use our "Buy Full Collection" button on top of the collections page! On the day of the launch, the Horticulture Festival Collection will become available under the "Collections" page in our navigation bar. Click on the Horticulture collection and the button will be on top of the page for mobile users, or the top right as pictured below on desktop:


Thank you, Hazelnuts!