Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse Beehive Art Print
Nicholas Bear Cub and Catalina Mouse Beehive Art Print
$ 20.00

Nicholas and Catalina Beehive Print

We have known for a while that the Hazel Village animals keep beehives in the High Meadow. Jane learned some more about how they do it, and made a painting of Nicholas and Catalina inspecting the hives.

As you can see, Catalina Mouse is operating the smoker, which makes the bees drowsy and contented so they won't sting the animals even though their hive is open. And Nicholas Bear Cub is checking one of the frames of honeycomb to see if the bees are healthy: if the queen is laying eggs; if they are protecting themselves from pests like mites and beetles; if they're making enough honey for the bees and the big animals to share. Both Nicholas and Catalina are wearing protective suits so the bees can't sting them.

This is a fine art print of Jane's original watercolor painting. It's 10" x 10", printed on acid-free, 100% recycled card stock. 

For every print we sell, we are planting a tree. So if you hang this print in a child's room, the tree will probably be big when the child is. Which is a situation that makes the animals very happy.