Annicke Mouse Hazel Village Art Print
Annicke Mouse Hazel Village Art Print
$ 20.00

Annicke Visits Her "Trail Trinkets" Print

In the far corners and out-of-the-way paths of Hazel Village, Annicke Mouse likes to inspect the trails and leave messages for herself in the form of “trail trinkets.” She says this one means, “This is a great place to watch a rainstorm, if you don’t mind getting a bit damp. Also, look out for nettles.”

This is a fine art print of Jane's original watercolor painting. It's 10" x 10", printed on acid-free, 100% recycled card stock. 

For every print we sell, we are planting a tree. So if you hang this print in a child's room, the tree will probably be big when the child is. Which is a situation that makes the animals very happy.