orion's limited-edition backpack
Orion's Backpack
Orion's Backpack
Orion's Backpack

Orion's Backpack

Limit of 2 per customer!

**Maeve and Orion are sorry to report that their luggage was temporarily lost on the way to Hazel Village. 

Orion Cat trundled to Hazel Village with all of his favorite clothes in this backpack. This set contains:

  • A navy blue linen backpack with button closure and a hand-embroidered picture of evening campion, Orion’s favorite wildflower
  • Khaki cotton blazer with a shell button closure and dapper shawl collar 
  • Navy linen pantaloons with gathered ankles, a stylish structured high waistband, and a thoughtful opening for Orion’s tail to stick out 
  • Cozy charcoal gray balaclava with a glittering decorative tassel on top 
  • Shining star collar
  • Cotton muslin bandana featuring Orion’s namesake constellation and an entertaining jingly bell on the corner