White Linen Dress Set - Peaseblossom Unicorn
$ 124.00

White Linen Dress Set - Peaseblossom Unicorn

This white linen dress is perfect for any tea parties where children and dolls would like to match. Inspired by early American children's clothes, this linen dress has the loveliest of heirloom details. The gift set includes:

  • Peaseblossom Unicorn wearing White Linen Dress and Pink Flower Crown
  • Matching heirloom snowy White Linen Dress for child
  • Beautiful blue gift box, ivory and gold ribbon, and hand-written gift note

As always, we'll omit pricing from the package for your gift-giving convenience. And if you like, you can order a hand-stitched monogram on your doll's heart. 

To choose a different doll or change the dress-up options in your gift, you can build your own gift.