Lucy Owl
Lucy Owl
Lucy Owl

Lucy Owl

Lucy Owl has developed a regimen of morning exercises that increase upper body strength. Every morning, she does them in the meadow in front of her house. She wants to set a good example for the other animals, because she thinks they're a little spindly. They are not too interested, even though she tells them the better their upper body strength, the better the foraging.

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To make your Lucy extra special, we can add a hand-stitched monogram on her heart if you like. 

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Lucy is wearing a rosebud linen dress. Lucy's outfit is removable so the animals can share and trade clothes - she looks great in many different outfits, although shoes and socks don't fit her so well because her feet are a different shape. But her wings fit into sleeves surprisingly well. You can order her in this outfit or dress her in any of our doll clothes, below!

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Lucy will travel to your home swaddled in a collectible bandana and wrapped in an ivory and gold ribbon. 

We always omit pricing from our packages, so you can always be confident you’re sending the perfect gift.