Phoebe Fawn in tunic and flower crown
Phoebe Fawn
Phoebe Fawn
Phoebe Fawn

Phoebe Fawn

As twilight falls on Hazel Village and the crickets of evening begin to chirp, the animal friends meet Phoebe Fawn in the field for orchestra practice. Phoebe is the Village Orchestra conductor and concert master. She says her instrument is the pan flute, which never goes flat, and which an industrious animal can play even if she has hooves.

Product Details

If you like, we can personalize your Phoebe with a hand-stitched monogram on her heart.

Choose Phoebe's Outfit

Phoebe's tunic is made of natural colored organic cotton jersey. It has a cute gathered detail in front and a velcro closure in back. She's wearing an ivy green flower crown. Her tunic and flower crown are removable so Phoebe can change her clothes and share with the other Hazel Village animals. You can order her in this outfit or dress her in any of our doll clothes, below - many have matching options for children!

Gift Wrap

Phoebe will come your way swaddled in a collectible bandana and wrapped in an ivory and gold ribbon. She plans to spend her time in transit composing a new piece, which is called The Bees of July. Lovely! 

We always omit pricing from our packages, so you can always be confident you’re sending the perfect gift.