Gracie Cat
Gracie Cat
Gracie Cat

Gracie Cat

If you ask Gracie what her favorite activity is, she will tell you: fishing. She has loved it ever since she was a kitten. She says on a good afternoon, she can catch a dozen minnows. When she has enough she takes her fish to Owen Fox’s house, and the animals have a fish fry. Although some of them eat only salad. Gracie says that is fine; more fish for her.

Product Details

If you like, you can order a hand-stitched monogram on Gracie's heart.

Choose Gracie's Outfit

Gracie is photographed wearing an ivory sweater and bloomers. She says that minnows are color blind* so they don’t get startled when she wears her golden dress. You can order her in this outfit or dress her in any of our doll clothes, below - many have matching options for children!

* It was demonstrated in 1913 that minnows have color vision. 

Gift Wrap

Gracie will travel to you swaddled in a collectible bandana and wrapped in ivory and gold ribbon.

We always omit pricing from our packages, so you can always be confident you’re sending the perfect gift.