Hand-knit Squash Sweater for Dolls
Hand-knit Squash Sweater for Dolls

Superior Squash Sweater for Dolls

This is the animals’ limited-edition 2019 commemorative sweater. 

Commemorating what, you might ask.

Well! It depicts a very exciting time that the rabbit twins were harvesting squashes at the far end of the garden where the squashes grow. And they found the biggest squash that any of the animals had ever seen! They used their best teamwork to roll it to the storage area. When they cooked it, there was enough squash inside to make squash soup, mashed squash, AND squash pie! The flavor was excellent. So you can see why the animals would want to commemorate this with a sweater.

  • Limited edition item for holiday 2019
  • Hand knit by our artisan partners in Peru
  • 100% baby alpaca, extremely soft and warm for your animals
  • Back button closure
  • Fits any Hazel Village doll or animal