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How to Make an Herb Pillow with Phoebe Fawn

In the summer when the herbs of the hedgerow stood high, Phoebe cut bouquets of mint and sage. She decided to make a sweet-smelling herb pillow. 
Sewing Herb Pillow


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Making Doll Backpacks for a Trek

Learn how the Hazel Village friends made doll backpacks out of felt, so they could carry a picnic up to the High Meadow.

Josie Chipmunk with doll backpack
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Embroidered Portrait Pillow of Josie Chipmunk

Owen Fox makes his friend Josie Chipmunk an embroidered portrait pillow.
Owen Fox fills embroidered portrait pillow with lavender flowers
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Juliette Rabbit's Fancy Picture Frames

Juliette Rabbit loved the paintings in her parlor, but she wanted them to have fancy and refined picture frames. Here's how she made it happen.

Juliette Rabbit with doll mini-picture frames

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Making Beads Out of Clay

Owen and Zoe make clay beads for their friends. Read more to see how they did it!
Juliette Rabbit makes worry bead necklace out of clay
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