Tales from the Village

Oliver Mouse Makes the Fanciest Tablecloth

Flora Fox helps Oliver Mouse decorate his house for the most splendid of tea parties. See how they designed a block print tablecloth together!
Hazel Village - Block Printed Tablecloth Craft
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Happy May Day from the Hazel Village Animals!

On the first day of May, the animals like to appreciate how green the forest is becoming. They sing May Day songs and do May Day dances. Find inspiration for your perfect May Day outfit inside!

Illustration of Hazel Village animals celebrating May Day

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Create Your Own Hero Girls of the Forest Book

Learn how to make your own copy of Hero Girls of the Forest book. Find all the steps you need inside. 

Hero Girls of the Forest book

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Celebrating Egg Day at the Village

In the springtime when the moon was high in the sky, the animals got ready for Egg Day. “First things first,” said Flora, “We can’t have Egg Day without eggs!”
Hazel Village friends with their dyed eggs
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How To Make Harvest Baskets

In autumn, the animals made plain and fancy baskets to hold the foods they grew. Read how they made baskets to hold their harvest!
Zoe Rabbit makes harvest basket
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