Behind the Scenes at Hazel Village During the Holidays

Friends, we often joke that we humans of Hazel Village are professional Christmas elves, and it’s true that we do a big part of our business online in November and December. We are really a well-oiled machine getting your packages out the door within two business days. 

We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our elf life. 

Sewing doll clothes

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How to Wrap Gifts in Fabric

Friends, we love sending out your orders in our custom fabric gift wrap. We get a lot of questions and uncertainty about how, exactly, we wrap our dolls in fabric. Sometimes people want to peek at a gift before they give it, but they’re afraid to mess up the wrapping. Here's how to do it!

First step

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Limited Edition: What Does It Even Mean?

When we say a product is "limited edition," what are we even talking about? Read on for some context.

Peaseblossom Unicorn in crown

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International Day of the Girl

Happy International Day of the Girl! We’re a women-led business, and it’s important to us that our supply chain supports and empowers families around the world. So we think this is pretty much the greatest holiday. Read Jane's thoughts in our latest post!

Celia Doll from Hazel Village

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What's New For Fall: The Design Process Behind Our New Looks!

Read about the inspirations and design process for our fall collection from Jane!

Hazel Village Animal Basket

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