Hero Girls of the Forest

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Here's how to make your own copy of Hero Girls of the Forest!

All parts of the book

 Cut out the eight pages on the solid lines.

Cut out the pages

All of the cut out pages
Fold each piece in half, with the dotted lines on the outside.

Folding the pagesAll of the folded pages

Nest the pages together in two sections. One section should have pages 1-16 (letters A, B, C, and D) and the other section should have pages 17-32 (letters E, F, G, and H). Make sure the pages are in order!

Nested pages

Fold the cover card along the dotted lines. 

Folded coverFolded cover

Stable the two sections of pages onto the spine of the book.

Staple the cover

Inside staples

Stapled cover

Cut the golden sticker to size along the dotted lines.

Trim the spine

Stick it onto the spine of the book.

Stick on half of the spine

Add the ribbon bookmark between the cover and the sticker, if desired.

Use the sticker to add in the ribbon

Read to your dolls and animals about the Hero Girls!

All done!

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